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Human resource consulting

Streams solutions is a dependable, professional consultation service marking their best services on HR training, staffing, and recruitment over the years. Streams primarily are engaged with job placements, college internship programs, and projects. As an HR consultancy, Our company works on various strategies and research methods to find the best-suited candidates for client’s requirements.

Comprehensive strategies & disciplines of Streams are

  • Organizational change
  • Human Capital Strategy
  • HR Analytics
  • Talent management
  • Training and development
  • HR technology
  • HR function

Streams support organizations with various staffing and recruitment solutions as follows,

Direct Hires

We help talented candidates to find the best job they want! Our team first checks for vacancies in various companies and then analyzes every candidate’s skillsets, experience, education, and interests and helps to find the related job field. Once all the parameters examined correctly, candidates can directly get through the interview process and shall start up their desired career at a great company. Streams support proficient candidates and get them to place in both domestic and international job offers.

Contract/ Temporary Staff

Even when it is not affordable to hire a permanent employee, temporary staff might offer the best solution when your organization desperately needs help. For a consistent workflow of the company, We help you fill the positions with freelancers, seasonal workers, and interns. Improve productivity and grow your company by adapting streams -The best staffing solutions!


Contract-to-hire is the most beneficial type to enter a job for fresher candidates. As it typically has a set period, where both the organization and candidate build a rapport between them. During these set periods, the organization analyzes the candidate’s skillset and can offer permanent, full-time employment. Get better solutions and ideas on staffing with streams!

Contingency Workforce Planning

As per the client’s requirements, Streams help you identify the best contingent workers for your organization. The major advantage is that a contingent worker completes your work at a given time in a cost-efficient manner. Staffing solutions are made simple with streams!

Technical Staffing

We spotlight the best technical talents for your company! We identify, screen, and present good candidates who can able to handle technical positions with adeptness and dedication. Our staffing team with strategies finds candidates from the hidden talent pools who fit your job requirements.