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We bring great ideas to life!

Redefining recruitment experience! Sharpening the skills of every professional with inspiring training programs!.

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We unleash the skills of each individual through our internship and training programs. With our optimized solutions, Streams will help you find the best job position!.

Software Solution

We completely understand the software development cycle and provide customized, sustainable software solutions one step at a time.


We guide you for the best-fit technologies that align with your business strategies. Consult us!


Our support from precise analysis and working with accuracy uplift your business to the next level.

Why Streams?

Apart from being a pioneer in IT training and deployment, we also are well established in software development and human resource management. Streams always equips talents with excellent knowledge.

  • If you are a knowledge seeker, join as our intern and develop your skillset to become a competitive individual in your career.
  • Get proficient in IT technologies by engaging with our industry veterans.
  • Gain hands-on experience working on our live projects.
  • Streams deploys trained IT & HR professionals to top companies across the globe.


Years of experience

We run all kinds of IT services that vow your success

Perks of Our Training Programs:

  • Streams allow professionals to acquire new skills while improving their existing ones. Our training programs help to improve the productivity of professionals and create better leaders for an organization.
  • Our training programs establish a sense of value for the company and boost workplace engagement resulting in high staff retention.
  • We support improving your organization's viability, efficiency, scalability, and morale by bringing out the best professional talents.

Positions We Support

(AWS / Azure / GCP) Architects & Engineers

Our internship & training programs make employees work independently on cloud computing platforms and solve the organizations' obstacles with due diligence.

Salesforce Architect

We train salesforce architects with cognitive and technical skills where they deliver the best solutions to succeed in the demanding economy of business.

Scrum Master

We give insights to candidates on the planning and implementation of scrums across various departments in an organization with agile processes and principles.

Why Choose Us

We provide truly prominent solutions for your success

  • Expert Team

    Adept team members maximize and improvise the quality of every service we provide for organizations.

  • Quality

    Adaptable and engaging training company with need-based solutions that strengthen an organization's value

  • Integration

    With great technology integrations that foster the business activity in highly competitive business environments

  • 24/7 Support

    360° approach to every problem and finds out the best solutions. We train professionals, provide consulting services, implement strategies and hire candidates for all IT organizations.

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